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The Need

The need in the nation of Italy is truly truly great: according to the latest statistics we have, 18% of the people are atheists, 1.2% other religions and cults (such as Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons), 80% Catholic (but only 15% are practicing Catholics), and only 0.8%
are Protestant. There are only 420
missionaries in a country of over
57 million people and, as far as
we know, there are just a handful
of churches that are alive and doing
something for God. In addition,
good Christian books, radio
and television programs are virtually
non-existent. Furthermore, the political
system is in a mess, and there is much
worldliness and materialism. However where sin abounds, grace much more abounds! The nation of Italy is ready for revival. During his mission trips, Rev. Girgenti found many wonderful people who were hungry for the Word of God and who were thrilled to hear the Bible taught in their native language.

The Vision

Planting churches as He directs.
So far, two churches have been planted, one in the city of Verona, called "Parola di Vita" (Word of Life) and another in the city of Florence, called "Parola di Fede" (Word of Faith)

Translating, printing and distributing books.
In 1992, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin gave Rev. Girgenti the rights to translate his books into the Italian lanugage. Thus far Good News Ministries has translated and printed 14 of Rev. Kenneth E. Haginís books. We have also begun to translate Rev. Jerry Savelle books (5 books have been translated and printed), and Pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr.ís books (4 books have been translated and printed).

There has also been childrenís church and church leadership material that has been written and distributed to help local churches reach their people with Godís Word.

Preaching and teaching
wherever God opens the door, in order to help and strengthen other local churches and be instruments of revival in the Body of Christ.

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